Fly Fishing Tips and Tricks


Why Fly Rods Break

Rod breaks are almost always caused by the user.

The Qualities of a Trout Stream

Expert fly fishermen Stave Harry and Jerry Armstrong demonstrate the attributes of a quality trout [...]

The Foam Fly Box

I use the foam fly box almost exclusively especially for steelhead fishing. It's lightweight, it [...]

The Basic Principles of Fly Imitation

The Four Elements of Imitation Most of the time it is important to imitate a [...]


Fly fishing has always been a wonder for me. The ability to wonder is a [...]

The original blood dot flies

White Death White Zonker

Want to catch more steelhead?

Understand what they eat

Then select fly patterns that are highly effective.

The right pattern matters!

No matter whether you tie flies, buy flies, or both; the effectiveness of the fly pattern matters. Some flies are designed to catch fishermen more than they catch fish. Some flies are highly complex to construct and don’t warrant the time investment at the tying bench. Whether you tie flies, buy flies or both, use the Four Elements of Imitation to evaluate the fly patterns effectiveness. Then be sure to look at the pattern, and its materials, as the fish see it – wet and submersed in water!